We now have professional sports going on constantly, which I enjoy as a sports fan. The NBA playoffs are going on, the MLB season is shortened but games are being played, PGA golf is happening, and we are less than two weeks away from the NFL season kicking off. But high school and collegiate sports seem to continue to be pushed back, I'm just not understanding the double standard.

While I understand that the professional teams have more money and can spend more on keeping their players safe, the fact is that these athletes are still playing a sport and making millions of dollars doing so. But if student-athletes at a high school or collegiate level want to play the same sport, they don't have the option. I'm just not understanding how it is okay for some people but not others.

To be clear, I have no kids, this isn't about me wanting to see my kid hit a home run. I'm just not understanding the double-standard right now. And it seems like a lot of parents are feeling this way as I am seeing more posts on social media about this same topic.

As I have mentioned before I am a big sports fan, I love the break from real life that it offers as I sit down and watch my favorite teams play. But when I was in school I kept my grades up in order to play sports, if you were to take that away, I would have struggled even more than I already was.

Do you understand how it is okay for professional teams but not for others? I might need you to explain it to me.

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