I've learned some valuable lessons from the school of hard knocks - and a crook at church.

It Was My Own Fault

What happened to me on Colorado's Interstate 76 was ultimately my own fault. I'm not mad at the crook. I'm mad at myself. However, I would like to think I am a better man for the experience. The lessons I've learned will pay dividends for a lifetime.

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A series of unfortunate events led me to grow exponentially in wisdom, so it's hard to feel sad about that. I tried to offer help to a man who turned out to be a crook, but, ultimately, he is the one who helped me.

Life Lessons I Learned From A Crook At Church

I learned three valuable lessons from a crook at church - and I would like to think I'm a wiser man.

Lesson #1 - When you loan something to a stranger, never assume you're getting it back. It's okay to not trust people you don't know.

Lesson #2 - Procrastination will get you in trouble every time. If you are thinking about it today - DO it today.

Lesson #3 - Make sure all of your vehicles are equipped with some basic tools - and jumper cables. This one simple thing can save a ton of heartache

Here's my story.

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