Hope of the Grand Valley helps working families by getting Christmas gifts for the kids so the parents can concentrate on paying bills.

Having to balance what is coming in with holidays like Christmas and bills is many times a losing proposition. You as a parent don't want to see your children go without, but you also don't want the lights and heat shut off or being kicked out of your house because the rent is past due. That's where Hope of the Grand Valley comes in.

If you're a hard-working family that just doesn't have enough, or very much, left over then contacting Hope of the Grand Valley should be your next step. They would love to talk with you and see just how they might be able to help.

On their website, you will see Christmas 2018. Just click on it and apply and suddenly Christmas could be much better than you and your children expected.

And if you want to give to this wonderful organization, you can do that at the same place on the website. The deadline is December 4 for both giving and receiving.

It's good to know someone has our back, isn't it?

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