It happens every year around this time.

These highly addictive, tasty morsels come in many disguises, all designed to entrap your taste buds and make you want to shell out your hard-earned money to make sure you get your favorites.

What makes it even more difficult to turn away is how well these youngsters present them. Standing outside your favorite Western Slope grocery store or through your friends at work, they are everywhere. It's almost impossible to ignore them as they tell you about the wonderful causes the sale of them will help.

You should know the names of these delicious morsels so that you can be prepared for the onslaught they will surely cause.

Names like "Thin Mints, "Do-Si-Dos", "Shortbread", and "Samoas", among others are going to tempt you to get into your wallet or purse and remove that hard-earned money to make sure you can satisfy your craving.

And that's how they get you. Bright smiling faces and sweet delicious cookies.

I can't wait.

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