Next time you open and start drinking a pop, here's how your body is responding to what you think is a delicious and refreshing beverage.

The video focuses specifically on Coke, but the fact is, any soft drink with sugar and phosphoric acid has a similar effect. Have you ever checked the label to see what you're actually drinking?

I'll admit, this video may over-exaggerate the effect on your body. But how your body reacts is the same, even though you might not feel it. What's important to know is a serving of many carbonated beverages contain several times the amount of sugar your body actually needs on a daily basis.

As for phosphoric acid, it's most common in cola flavored soft drinks. The chemical helps give the beverage it's distinctive taste and as shown in the video, limits your body's initial reaction to the abundance of sugar.

I love cola flavored soft drinks, so this video isn't going to make me stop drinking them. It does have me - and perhaps you too -  thinking about how much and how often we should be drinking them.