A 4-year-old Colorado boy has unfortunately passed away from the flu. The kid from Pueblo, Najee aka Junior, was sadly taken off of life support this past week.

On Sunday, February 2, 4-year-old Najee aka Junior was putting his pajamas on when something terrible happened. His 5-year-old brother came out of his room and told his mom that he was asleep just a few minutes after they got a bath and went into their room to put on their pj's. When his mom came into the room, she found him very pale, laying on the floor because he had a seizure.

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Junior had suffered a seizure because of a flu-related fever, according to WRDW. His mom started CPR and called 911 and Junior was airlifted to a hospital in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, Junior was taken off of life support on Wednesday and has passed away.

According to WRDW, Junior was prescribed Tamiflu but his mom did not pick it up. His mom was a part of a 'Stop Mandatory Vaccination' Facebook group and was seeking advice about her sons' illness on there. (Junior's mom has four kids and three out of four of them got the flu.)

A member of the Facebook group told her to give him vitamin C and D, elderberry zinc and lots of fruits and vegetables instead of the medicine he was prescribed. Junior's mom went back to the Facebook group for more advice and posted that her sons' fever wasn't breaking.

Junior's family posted an update on their GoFundMe page stating that they're thankful for everyone who has donated and:

It is with my deepest sorrow to inform those of you that don't already know that my son has been taken off of life support and has passed. Myself and all those who love Najee are devasted and broken. I ask that you please continue to pray for me and our family, we truly need it now more than ever!

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