Ok, this is so bizarre. A man wearing what appears to be a costume inspired by the hit film Joker was spotted dancing in the middle of the street with his dog in a wheelbarrow. Now, I haven't seen the movie yet but none of the footage I've seen has a dog in it, and certainly not a wheelbarrow.

While this didn't happen in Florida, which is where one would assume, it did happen in one of the sketchier areas of Colorado, Pueblo. To be fair, I lived in Pueblo for about ten years and while parts of it are great, there is a lot of weird stuff that goes on, most likely due to the ever-growing drug problem.

The video was uploaded by Kolette Marie Frary via Facebook, then shared to a page called Pueblo Alert, which is full of this kind of stuff.

Now, this video is undoubtedly weird, but also concerning. For example, it would be different if the man was just dancing by himself, but in addition to putting himself at risk by dancing in the middle of a busy street, he's also putting his dog in danger.

Not only that but if he and/or the dog was hit by a car by accident, the motorist would have to live with that guilt for the rest of their lives. This is certainly not on the same level of someone popping out of the bushes on Halloween, it was much, much more dangerous.

The video only shows the costumed man dancing for a little over a minute, but I wonder what happened to the man. Was he arrested? Was he confronted by one of the motorists? Or did he wrap up his dance routine and wheel his dog home safely? We may never know, but the video no doubt shows a very, very strange sight from right here in Colorado.

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