The exact future of Hanging Lake Trail is up in the air, but one thing certain is the popular trail is closing down for a week.

Recently, there have been reports of vandalism and misuse of the trail east of Glenwood Springs, but this closer doesn't have much to do with those things.

The trail will be closed beginning at midnight June 4 through midnight June 9 for trail work and repairs.

According to the Denver Post, planned work includes the removal of some hazardous trees, additional steps up to the waterfall, and some protection barriers along the trail.

Hanging Lake is one of western Colorado's treasures and changes are apparently on the way to ensure that this natural wonder isn't ruined. Discussions are underway to possibly limit the number of daily visitors on the trail, and maybe even charging an entrance fee. Both, in my opinion, are terrific ideas.

The trail is monitored daily by forest service staff members, but it is practically impossible to catch every bonehead who seeks to ruin it for everyone else. If you are planning a Hanging Lake hike this summer, please obey the rules of the trail, and respect our land.


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