The home, located near Valley Road and Cottonwood Pass, had an underground gas leak, causing the gas to build up until it combusted, causing the home to explode into flames.

Neighboring homes were forced to evacuate as crews arrived to put out the blaze. The Eagle County Sheriff's Office had this to say about the evacuations:

All of the Chatfield Corners neighborhood along with Gypsum Creek Road/Valley Road/Grundel Road/Cottonwood Pass Road have been evacuated.

The members of the community that live in these areas were forced out of their homes to the Lundgren Amphitheater Lawn where, in the past, concerts such as Gypsum Daze were held, and is located right next to the Gypsum Recreational Center.

The Town of Gypsum also shut off the power in the area to minimize the threat of another spark causing additional explosions. Officials of the Town of Gypsum tweeted this official statement:

Power will be off for an extended period of time for addresses South of Chatfield to Cottonwood Pass and all addresses on Cottonwood Pass West of Gypsum Creek Rd, East of Stoney Creek.

As of this morning (Friday, September 18th), it is unclear as to whether or not anyone was hurt in the explosion.

This story certainly hits home for me in a way, as I actually went to high school and worked one of my first jobs in Gypsum, and still have plenty of friends in the area.

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