If someone blew up your car you would be incredibly upset. This explosive prank actually ended not with anger, but tears of joy.

The premise of the prank was to get grandma to do a videotaped interview. While that was going on, she was informed her car was was going to be part of the video.

That part included some guys shooting at the car. Even though they were instructed not to hit the car, it ended up exploding into flames.

The grandma was visibly upset her car was destroyed, was told it was a prank and the car used wasn't her car but one just like it.

While happy it wasn't her car that was blown up, the real tears of joy came when she found not only was her own car safe, but she was offered a special surprise.

The best news is, this poor grandma didn't have a heart attack watching what she thought was her car destroyed. That would have turned this prank from a joyful ending into a huge fail.

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