Nearly every place you go has a dish they are known for. Maine Lobsters, Milwaukee Brats, and New York Delis, for example.

But what about Grand Junction? If someone were new here, what would they HAVE to try? I took a rather informal poll among several of my friends, and I would love to get more input!

This can be a dish you yourself create that everyone goes crazy over, or maybe a dish you have when you go out.

Take a look at the list I have put together and vote or add your own!

Starvin Arvin's Cinnamon Rolls - 2 Votes

Um, yum!

Green Chili - 6 Votes

While I am sure one can experience a BAD green chili, I have yet to do so. Maybe we can have a green chili tasting sometime.

Los Jilberto's Super Fries - 3 votes

This suggestion came from former residents who actually MISS these, now that they can no longer get them. I can just taste em.

Graff Dairy Ice Cream - 3 Votes

So glad they aren't closed. There aren't many places that compel me to get ice cream in the middle of winter.

Peach Salsa - 2 Votes

Now, this is one I can really sink my teeth into. I love how this tastes and would love to find the BEST peach salsa!

So there's MY list. Vote for your favorite or add your own and let's see if we can nail down just WHAT Grand Junction's signature dish is!

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