Warm weather is back, the kids are out of school, and it's time for a vacation. Where's the best place to vacation in Colorado?

Sitting at an airport for five hours waiting for your connection isn't exactly fun. Wouldn't it be great to enjoy a vacation without having to travel out of the state of Colorado? I asked on social media, "Where is your favorite place to vacation in Colorado, and why?" Here's what you had to say.

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No Need To Leave Colorado

You could spend a lifetime exploring and discovering fascinating new things without ever leaving the state of Colorado. I only recently found an amazing campground only 88 miles from Grand Junction. When was the last time you visited Nucla? How about Durango? Have you ever taken a day and driven to Steamboat Springs? The possibilities are endless, all within a few hours travel.

Fascinating Answers From All Over Colorado

There are residents of Grand Junction who listed Glenwood Springs as their favorite vacation destination. You can't beat that; a fun vacation spot barely 80 miles down the road.

Mesa Verde received a number of mentions. So did Ridgway. Both of those can be done in a day, and on a reasonable budget.

Not-So-Honorable Mentions

Huey, the keyboardist for Huey, Dewey, and Louie, chimed in with his favorite Colorado vacation destination. Really, Hugh? Deer Park, Colorado? This small town located between Denver and the Kansas state line is known primarily as the site of abandoned missile silos.

Some Chose Not To Share

Understandably, some chose not to reveal their favorite vacation spots. We all have our favorite fishing spots and prefer to keep them a secret. With that, some decided to keep their favorite locations secret.

Grand Junction's Picks For the Best Places to Vacation in Colorado

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