We need to come together as a community, Grand Junction and help each other as we face a new crisis. 

Is this going to be the next rampant issue Grand Junction has to deal with? This area already has enough existing issues and concerns that we have to face on a day to day basis. Whether it's the homeless topic, the displaced pets concern, the battle between drivers and bicyclist and the ever present complete disregard for traffic laws while driving.

I have slowly begun to discover another possible subject, that may rear it's ugly head if we don't act upon this soon.

I slowly began to notice one by one that there a ton of abused, neglected, cast aside, shunned and otherwise unwanted and then carelessly discarded shopping carts.

Why Lord, oh why? These are God's creatures, aren't they? They should not be cast off like insubstantial and expendable pieces of debris.

So, here is what I suggest:

The Grand Junction Adopt-A-Shopping Cart Program. 

Why not open your loving home to one of these poor unfortunate carts. All they need is a second chance. There are several types to choose from. Starting with the fixer uppers to the ready to go to the store right now models. So, let's all do out part and find these shopping carts good, loving families in the Grand Junction area.

*Those with a history of irresponsible ownership will NOT be considered.