You'd normally think your apartment is safe while you're at work, right?! A couple in Colorado Springs were shocked when they caught their landlord having sex in their apartment.

It's a pretty messed up world when you have to set video cameras up in your home. One would think these are used to catch a burglar in the act, or possibly watch your pets while you're away.

Luckily, or unluckily for that matter, one Colorado Springs couple had a camera set up in their apartment that sent alerts to their phones if they detected movement. The bedroom camera caught something no one would want to see -- someone having sex in YOUR bed. Not just anyone, the landlord of your apartment complex.

Logan Pierce of Colorado Springs received a notification and opened his app wondering what was going on in his apartment since he and his wife were both at work. Pierce told KKTV, "I opened up the camera and kind of had to, like, quit the program and, like, restart it again because I didn't really believe what I saw, I guess the first thing that went through my mind was, like, complete and utter disbelief.”

Police identified the individual as Carlos Quijada, the landlord of Skyway Condominiums, and issued a warrant for his arrest. Quijada is being charged with felony criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obscenity charges.

Pierce told his wife they should move immediately.

What would you do?

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