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As if 2020 didn't have enough strange and unfortunate things going on I stumbled upon something else unexpected as I was driving into work this morning.

It was a gorgeous drive into downtown Grand Junction as I was driving toward our radio stations and I saw a vehicle in front of me pull over to some parking spots and get out to take pictures. I thought it was strange but it all made sense as I pulled up next to the Legacy Mutual Mortgage building downtown Grand Junction on 5th Street. I quickly noticed glass all over the ground and a boarded-up window.

It took me a few seconds to then realize it was more than just one window that was busted out, their front door was shattered into a million pieces as well. I could quickly understand why the guy taking pictures didn't seem to be in a very good mood.

To be honest, I have zero clues what took place for the huge window and thick glass door to be shattered like this. Obviously, let's hope this wasn't a random act of vandalism and whoever is responsible does the right thing and pays to get this fixed.

There are so many people on edge right now whether it's about the pandemic, the struggles of 2020, or politics but please don't take your anger out on where we call home. This is our community and we need to do everything possible to take care of it and the businesses that surround us.

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