With the release of items like the dad bod swimsuit, dad bod hairy leg leggings and now adding to the list, is the DadBag, a dad bod fanny pack. It doesn't get much more dad bod than this.

This DadBag is gross and pretty hilarious. I  think it's funny that people work so hard to get rid of that area of fat, but I guess the dad bod is back! Not only is this "fashionable" (if you're into gross humor) and practical. Whether you want to store beer, cigarette shorts or a snack, the DadBag fanny pack has your back.

They come in a range of different shapes and sizes all names after people. The Allen, The Magnus and The Sherman are some of the best (I really mean worst) ones.The DadBag will no doubt catch people's eyes. I'm not sure if the attention is the kind you want and I wouldn't count on getting any phone numbers while you're wearing this. If someone does let you hit on them wearing this they're probably wearing one of the following:

Or they're just as gross as you are and have a good sense of humor. The fact they look so realistic, ESPECIALLY while sitting down, is weird and funny at the same time. I think it's safe to say the dad bod has probably gone too far,  but I'm not stopping it and it'll be funny to see where it goes.

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