Grand Junction's Horizon Drive construction project continues on with it's completion due later this year.

The project calls for the installation of two roundabouts, ramp upgrades, concrete sidewalks and gutters, and a new entrance to the Grand Junction Visitor's Center.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the  $6.6 million project- which started in September- is due to be completed in August of this year.

Zane Mathews

Motorists presently using Horizon Drive are experiencing one-lane traffic in both directions at the site of the construction in the area where Interstate 70 crosses over Horizon. It is worth noting that there is access to all businesses during the construction process.

Traffic on Horizon Drive will pick up dramatically next month during the Junior College World Series, when hotels will be filled by baseball players, fans, and families. Although the project will not be completed, C-DOT says that two lanes of both northbound and southbound traffic, as well as a center turn lane, will be available to motorists during JUCO.

These road construction projects are never fun for motorists while they are happening, but usually the end result makes it all worth while. Only time will tell if the roundabout will have the desired positive affect on traffic flow and safety.

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