This job isn't for everyone. Can you imagine performing this task in Grand Junction's recent 103-degree heat? Well, somebody is doing it.

The photos below were taken on Wednesday and Thursday, July 7 and 8, 2021. This dedicated employee is performing a remarkable function during extreme working conditions.

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Life On The Toasty Side

According to Google, the best time to clean windows is when the outside temperature is between 64 and the mid-70s. Haha, that's funny. What do they say about cleaning windows in 103-degree temps while dangling from a rope several stories above the ground?

How Long Was He Up There?

I had a chance to speak with this gentleman. According to him, it takes roughly 10 hours to complete each side of the Alpine Bank building in downtown Grand Junction. So with that in mind, he's looking at a 40-hour workweek to complete this one building.

Taking It The Extra Notch

Yesterday reached at least 103. Today looks to go one step further and hit 104.

Would You Like To Do This?

I checked out the company's Facebook page, and it appears as though they are hiring. As the post states, "This is not a desk job." That is the understatement of the century. It's not a "ground job" either.

Kudos to this employee. These last 12 months or so I've found myself far too overwhelmed to clean four little kitchen windows. They're so skanky it's almost impossible to see out of them, and they're only about two feet off the ground.

Window Cleaner Summer 2021 Downtown Grand Junction

Check out this person cleaning windows in 103 degree heat in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado. July 2021

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