Warm days, cold nights. Sounds like we need a way to stay warm when we're outdoors. Here are five that will warm you to the bone.

Hot Cider

Yes! I wait all year for the excuse to have a nice hot cup or ten of cider. I can't help it, it's a childhood thing. And if you're at Kannah Creek, don't pass up the chance to get some. Or you can warm up a bunch of your own, fill your thermos and head outside, warm in the knowledge you have your favorite seasonal beverage to enjoy the tree lighting, or Parade of Lights.

Hot Chocolate

A nice hot cup of hot chocolate with a whole lot of whipped cream on top is just what the chilly night needs to forestall the cold. Head over to Starbucks in Grand Junction and you know they'll do you right. Grande for me!

Hot Coffee

I have to go with Grand Junction's best place for coffee, and any one of the places mentioned in that story are perfect for getting a hot, fresh, tasty cup of java for those chilly nights.

Hot Tea

Given the fact that there are a wide variety of teas you may enjoy, you're gonna need to stop by Four Winds Coffee and Tea. If you have never tried a Russian Tea, they can hook you up. Or maybe a nice London Fog?

Hot Wine

Yes. This. Provided I'm not driving, this is the answer for the cold for me. Get a nice big mug of hot wine and I can be absolutely sure of warmth. Fisher's Liquor Barn has a huge selection of wines, and I bet someone there can even give you ideas on how to warm it and get it tasting just how you like.

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