Going to Walmart is part of the American way of life, and so are our favorite nicknames for the retail giant.

I'm not really sure how the nicknames got started - and I know they are happening all over the country and not just in Grand Junction. But, somehow, so many of us have come to know Walmart by anything but it's real name.

In all honesty, our feelings about Walmart probably have more to do with some of the things we see there than it does anything else. It's not really about the people that work there or even the company itself. It's more about what we see there and some of the people we see - and what they are wearing. Truth is, there are some things that are better left unseen - thing that you wish you could un-see, but you just can't.

Nonetheless, we have taken upon ourselves to give Walmart a nickname. Several weeks ago, I asked Grand Junction shoppers, 'what is your favorite nickname for Walmart?" I am appreciative of all the responses, and here is the list of Grand Junction's top 10 nicknames for Walmart.

1] Wally World

2] Balls-Mart

3] Walfart

4] Grubby

5] Wally

6] Fat Farm

7] Panhandlers Are Us

8] Hellmart

9] Walmart Fall Apart

10] Walbags

If you don't see your favorite Walmart nickname, add yours in the poll below and it could be featured in a future post.

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