The color of your shirt + the last thing you ate = your food truck name. Grand Junction's fake food truck names are delicious and also gross.

We asked you to share your food truck name with us on our Facebook. Your food trucks names are equally delicious as they are gross. These are Grand Junction's fake food truck names which are a combination of the color of your shirt and the last thing that you ate:

  • The Peach Burrito Bowl
  • The Green Brisket
  • The Purple Nacho
  • Green Ramen
  • Rainbow Scone
  • The Nude Shrimp
  • Tie Dye Toast
  • The Floral Pink Chicken Sandwich
  • The Purple Banana
  • Gray Orange Chicken
  • Blue Chicken Strips
  • Gray Bologna Sandwich
  • The Turquoise Tomato
  • Maroon Grilled Cheese
  • Purple Ribs

There are a few of these fake food truck names that actually sound pretty delicious. I would eat at The Purple Nacho, Maroon Grilled Cheese and The Floral Pink Chicken Sandwich. Okay so maybe Purple Ribs too.

As much as I love orange chicken, I'll fake on the fake Grand Junction food truck called Gray Orange Chicken. It's also a hard pass on the Gray Bologna Sandwich too.

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