If you have ever heard or seen some of the muscle cars we have around Grand Junction, you probably wonder where they got all that high-performance stuff.

High-performance vehicles (aka Muscle Cars) have always been a favorite of mine. My 1972 Chevelle with a 396 ci engine was a great car, right until I blew the engine.

So where around Grand Junction can you take a muscle car to take care of that high performing engine? The answer surprised me and I hope it helps you as you plan and prepare your baby for that high-performance rush we all love.

Located in Grand Junction, these guys can help with Camaros, Vettes, Mustangs and more. If you have one and need that high-performance tune up or if you're looking to raise your performance, these are the guys.

Helpful; and knowledgeable staff makes working with Fox's Garage easy. Easy to find in Grand Junction, too.

Like the jingle says, your car never had it so good.Friendly and reliable folks here. A Grand Junction favorite for years.

Review after review says how helpful these guys are. And going above and beyond is never, well, above and beyond for these folks.

For those with high-performance vehicles not made in America, give these guys a call. But don't blame them when you start leaving rubber all over the streets! The best part? They're right here in Grand Junction so you don't have to go to Germany or France, or wherever your car was made.

That's my list, who is on your list? Share it with us and let's hear those engines!

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