Snow in April, two days before your first golf outing of the year is not alarming - especially if it snows for just a short time. But, when huge snowflakes are still falling three hours later, there is cause for concern - and panic.

I didn't have huge plans for today, although I had hoped to go hit a bucket of balls today in preparation for Saturday's golf outing to benefit the Riverside Educational Center. (not that I am going to wow or impress anyone anyway regardless of whether I get to the range or not.)  It's not that big of a deal. But, there were other concerns.

As calm as I was during the shooting of this video, shortly afterwards I suddenly started having feelings of panic. What if this snow doesn't melt off by Saturday morning? What if the greens are frozen? What about Southwest Arborfest Saturday at Lincoln Park? Where's my snow shovel? Where's my gloves? What if it's snowing in Phoenix? What if this is an early winter?

The feelings of sadness that overwhelmed me were not unlike that feeling you get when you pull out your peanut butter with no jelly sandwich for lunch - and realize you have no chips. It doesn't get much sadder than that.

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