There are so many great throwback snacks out there. From creme lifesavers to Dunkaroos, Grand Junction wants these throwback snacks to make a comeback.

Whenever I think of my childhood, I think of some of the delicious snacks we used to have and how I wish they would make a comeback. We asked you about which throwback snacks you'd love to see back in stores and your answers were full of tasty nostalgia.

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Here are the throwback snacks that Grand Junction wishes would make a comeback.

This was the very first throwback snack I thought of. I would love to dip a fun-shaped cookie into some icing right about now. If I saw Dunkaroos in a store, I would most definitely buy some.

Rayanna Ethridge commented on our Facebook and said she wants strawberry and creme lifesavers to make a comeback. As soon as she commented this, I immediately heard the commercial in my head. Shane commented on Rayanna's post and says he loves the strawberry and the orange and creme lifesavers.

Leah Leach says she wishes this throwback snack would make a comeback -- caramel Jolly Ranchers. Gina Marie Larkin commented on our Facebook and wants cereal straws to make a comeback.

Aaron Taylor commented on our Facebook and says he wanted the original taco flavored Doritos to make a comeback. Even though they've remade this throwback snack, Aaron says the new ones just aren't the same.

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