Halloween is quickly approaching and so are the tricks and treats. I've been wondering if there's an age cutoff for trick-or-treating or not, so I decided to ask you on our Facebook.

After asking you that on our Facebook, this is how Grand Junction feels about how old is too old for trick-or-treating.

I completely agree with Kaylee and this comment with a 54-year-old's cool costume made it even better:

It seems like Grand Junction agrees that there is no age cut off for trick-or-treating.

I really like both Heather and Vicki's attitude about trick-or-treating. If you're respectful, then you get some candy. I think that's a rule in life, if you show respect usually something good comes from it.

Halloween is time for your inner child to shine, just like Crystal's husband.

Here's some more of how Grand Junction feels about what age to stop trick-or-treating.

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