These are the top ten most recommended restaurants in Grand Junction. Grand Junction recommends these ten restaurants more than any others.

When someone asks you where they should eat (including yourself) these are Grand Junction's go-tos. We asked you on our Facebook:

And here we are with the top ten most recommended restaurants in Grand Junction. When it comes to these restaurants Grand Junction is like 10/10, we highly recommend.

  • 1

    WW Peppers

    753 Horizon Ct

    WW Peppers is off of Horizon Drive, on Horizon Ct near the airport. They offer inventive Southwestern food and are Grand Junction's number one most recommended restaurant.

  • 2

    Berna B's

    2913 Patterson Rd #101

    Berna B's is Grand Junction's second most recommended restaurant in Grand Junction. Their food is described as classic cuisine, they have lots of breakfast options and sandwiches and burgers too.

  • 3

    MX Tapas

    546 Main Street

    MX Tapas is at 546 Main Street and has amazing food and amazing drinks too. MX Tapas is third on Grand Junction go-to restaurant list.

  • 4

    Dos Hombres

    3245 I-70 Business Loop

    Dos Hombres is fourth on Grand Junction's most recommended restaurants list. Becky Warren couldn't remember the name at first, but as soon as she said where this restaurant was, everyone knew where she was talking about.

  • 5


    541 Main Street

    Suehiro's at 541 Main Street is Grand Junction's go-to restaurant for sushi, sake and more. The vibe of the restaurant is on point.

  • 6


    3090 N 12 St

    Spoons Bistro and Bakery is sixth on the list. They're off of 12th Street and have everything from eggs benedict to lamp chops.

  • 7

    Old Man Grill

    644 North Ave

    Old Man Grill aka OMG is off of North Avenue and is seventh on the list. Old Man Grill specializes in breakfast and lunch. They have something called a Black Betty, which is a burger with peanut butter, green chiles, cheddar and blackberry jam -- OMG.

  • 8

    Bin 707

    225 N 5th Street #105

    Bin 707 is eighth on the list because Grand Junction loves some Bin Burgers. Bin 707 is downtown at 225 N 5th Street.

  • 9

    Dream Cafe

    314 Main St

    Dream Cafe in downtown Grand Junction at 314 Main street. They're all about breakfast and lunch at Dream Cafe and of course, delicious mimosas too.

  • 10

    Pablo's Pizza

    319 Main St

    Last but not least on the list of Grand Junction's most recommended restaurants is Pablo's Pizza. Pablo's Pizza is on Main Street in downtown Grand Junction.

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