Here's a Grand Junction woman's thank you note to a group of teenagers who found their wallet full of cash inside of Mesa Mall and returned it.

Although it's the right thing to do, not everyone would make the decision to return a wallet full of cash. That's exactly what this group of teenagers did when they found a wallet inside of a photo booth in Mesa Mall.

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The teenagers turned the wallet full of cash over to mall security and we commend them for doing so. A Grand Junction woman posted a 'thank you' on Facebook to the group of teenagers and here's what part of it said:

THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You could have kept all the cash that was in it and tossed the wallet. You could have just taken the wallet and never given it another through. But you didn't. You turned it in with every last dollar that was in it so I could have been returned to us. Losing that wallet and that money would have been so detrimental to my family right now and we're SO thankful for your honesty and good deed.

But the Grand Junction woman didn't stop there, she also added this to her Facebook post:

Parents, if any of your teens came home talking about finding a wallet full of cash at the mall today and turning it in, just know we're so thankful for your wonderful kids. You're doing a great job and this scary thing that happened to us today turned into something that gave us a glimmer of the good that's in many people.

Just like the complete stranger who gave a Grand Junction woman a hug recently, this means so much more than that. Getting the hug completely turned that a woman's day around while these Grand Junction teenagers returning the wallet made this family have given them more faith in people

It's great to see kids doing the right thing, and it's even better to see people doing good things like this during the holidays.

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