Josh Castaneda, who's 25 years old, started his business, Mutual Friends, on Sept. 23 2017. The name Mutual Friends was inspired by how Grand Junction's skate community is so small that everyone knows each other within the community.

After Josh worked a corporate position in the skateboarding industry for six years, he decided he wanted to get more local -- and get close and personal. He felt that opening up his own skate shop would get him more involved in our community.

He always had the dream of opening a skate shop ever since he was a kid and he turned it into his reality. Josh grew up in the skate shop Traz Snow & Skate, that was right around the corner from where he lived. (Which sadly went out of business.)

Josh wants everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in his shop, Mutual Friends. It's more than a skateboarding shop, it's a community spot.

Josh and I both agree that skateboarding in our community is a positive thing. Skateboarders don't always wreak havoc, skateboarding generates revenue and does make a positive effect by keeping people out of trouble.

It gives people a sense of community that they've never had before.

Mutual Friends loves collaborating with local artists. Mutual Friends is involved with Downtown Grand Junction, Skate & Mural Jam, food drives and is constantly doing lots of their own events.

Mutual Friends is located at 429 Colorado Avenue and they're open Monday - Saturday. Their upcoming events include:

  • Sept. 6th - PSO, This Foul Year, Cloak and Dagger Club
  • Sept. 13th - Mutual Friends Skate Shop team participating in Men in Heels Race
  • Sept 14th - American Culture & Freeway Donna
  • Sept. 29th - One Year Anniversary and One Year Anniversary Party at Mutual Friends TBA

Skateboarding gives you an experience that nothing else can give you. No matter who you are, you're always welcome at Mutual Friends.

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