The Grand Junction Spotlight is on Jonny Sale from Super Rad Art Jam's Skate & Mural Jam. Jonny talks about the importance of skateboarding and art in the community.

Skate & Mural Jam comes together every year because of Jonny Sale from Super Rad Art. Super Rad Art is a local nonprofit in Grand Junction whose mission is:

Enriching the lives of both the individual and the community through creativity, innovation, and the advancement of artistic excellence.

Super Rad Art Jam strives to keep the art scene alive here in our community. Their 10th Annual Skate & Mural Jam is:

One of my favorite parts about Westlake Skatepark, other than the fact that it's one of Colorado's first skateparks) is the art everywhere. And one of Jonny's favorite parts about skateboarding is seeing new skaters on the scene and being able to help them and teach them.

He says it's so important because it's all about the next generation. Every year Jonny sees more and more kids picking up a board and coming out to skate, and he loves it. Jonny always pushes the next generation -- and makes sure they keep their heads straight.

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