Our Local Love is all about Annie and Cody this week, who are a couple in Western Colorado that blown glass together. This is how they met and how they started blowing glass.

We wanted to do something for 4/20 but we weren't able to because of the coronavirus. So for 7/10, which is a 4/20 for concentrate lovers, we're featuring a local couple that blows glass together.

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Annie says she met Cody while playing World of Warcraft together about 14 years ago. They named their company, Requiem Glassworks, after their guild in World of Warcraft. Annie and Cody got the inspiration to start blowing glass from YouTube.

She says they were on YouTube looking at weed-related videos when they got the idea that they could definitely do what they were watching in the YouTube videos -- blow glass. Annie and Cody have their work in smokeshops in Grand Junction and in dispensaries between Glenwood Springs and Parachute.

They're based out of SIlt and said that the drive to Grand Junction is always a beautiful one. Annie's favorite thing to make is implosions and making pendants out of them. One of the pieces Requiem Glassworks brought with them was an amazing pipe that had implosions of a Colorado flag, aliens, and opal. Annie told us it took about 12-15 hours to make this one piece.

Annie and Cody have a studio in their backyard, which makes blowing glass really convenient for them. They make pipes, bongs, dab straws, nectar collectors, and pendants. Annie says it's a great hobby for them to enjoy together and a nice way to make some extra money.

We had to ask how many pieces Annie and Cody have at their house that are their personal pieces and Annie said about 20. It's so cool how they met each other through a video game, found a hobby/business together, and they named it after their guild in the game.

Annie and Cody from Requiem Glassworks are really creative and have an amazing style. They've made pipes and bongs that look like ray guns, drum sets, mushrooms, and eyeballs and we're interested to see what they create next.

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