There's nothing like a friendly word of advice.

New people are continually moving into the Grand Valley - and why wouldn't they? Those of us who have lived here for a while know how awesome western Colorado is and completely understand the attraction.

As wonderful as the Grand Valley is, moving into a strange place can be daunting, intimidating, and sometimes even discouraging. Getting an inside look at your new surroundings from the people who know it best can help make the adjustment more palatable, smoother, and pleasant.

I asked our listeners to share their best advice for newcomers to the Grand Valley, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with some of the sincere responses. I really like Rick Miller's advice.


"1) Hit EVERY event in the valley (you can) in the first year, you will gain an appreciation about how awesome this county really is! 2) Caution: Get to know older native people who can adequately describe the Grand Valley's roots and how this valley has grown and changed over the last 130+ years.The museum and people like Dave Fishell would be a good start. This MESA county is experiencing the same kind of changes the country as a whole is experiencing - some good, some bad."

Kimberly LaBauve has some good advice.

"If coming from out of state... it is culture shock for the first year but then after that it becomes a norm... and visit and see everything you can in all seasons of the year bc its always different... and your vehicle battery may not work in the winter if you are coming from the south."

Debbie Hudnall definitely has some words of wisdom.

Keep in mind that even in this size town, people walk around committing "crimes of Opportunity", so don't leave things in vehicles, and lock your doors. Drive focused being prepared for most anything. Oh and, enjoy the amazing beauty here in town as the trees bud out, bloom, change color in seasons. Huge variety. Try to keep your eyes on the road, and not on the beautiful mountains that change looks from hour to hour near daily.

Of course, some folks were a bit more cynical.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and to those of you who are new to the valley, here's a big fat "hello" and "Welcome!"  This is some good advice from these local residents so take heed - and with some good fortune, you may be the one offering advice to new Grand Valley residents in a few years.

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