Grand Junction is a peaceful community, really. However, that does not mean we are free from crime. We all know it happens, but we try not to think about it.

While it's not something you need to be paranoid about, it's still important to be informed and vigilant. Or perhaps you're just a very curious person, and you want to snoop on what crimes have occurred recently in Grand Junction. Well, you can do just that!

You can access a public safety map of Grand Junction, Colorado (and the surrounding cities) where you can filter crimes by within the last 30 days, past 6 months, and past year. You can also filter by area, by crime, and more.

In addition, you can filter to see where fire stations are, police service areas, and more. It's a really handy tool, and a great resource for parents and citizens to stay informed. I hope you find it useful!

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