Can you identify this man? The Grand Junction Police Department believes he may have information regarding a burglary at the Subway on North Avenue.

The burglary at 2885 North Avenue occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 5. The Grand Junction Police Department posted a number of photos of the subject on their official Facebook page.

Grand Junction Police Department

The subject is described as:

  • male
  • Caucasian
  • thin build
  • black baseball hat
  • black mask
  • black gloves
  • black hoodie sweatshirt with white "Adidas" logo
  • red backpack
  • blue jeans
  • black tennis shows

Personally, looking at the photos, the subject doesn't strike me as having a thin build. He appears to me to be a bit stocky. Looking at one photo, it appears as if he has a key. Please note this is just a guess I'm making based on the images provided. Perhaps this is a disgruntled Sandwich Artist seeking a little payback.

One can only wonder why a person would break into a Subway store. I can't believe they keep large amounts of cash on site. They do, however, bake their own bread. Is that what this guy was hoping to walk away with? Seriously, bread dough?

Do you have any information or knowledge as to the identity of this suspect? Your info could be worth a little cash. If you have any information, please contact Mesa County Crime Stoppers at 970-241-STOP. The case number for this incident is #34984. In the event your information leads to an arrest, you might be eligible for a cash reward.

Grand Junction 10 Most Wanted List

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