The Grand Junction Salvation Army store on North Avenue is closed thanks to a person who decided the store needed a drive-thru. To let customers know why the store is closed, there's a sign on the front door showing, in spite of the situation, they have a great sense of humor.

While the physical damage probably isn't significant enough to close the store more than briefly, there is at least one potential issue that kept the store from quickly reopening after the truck crashed into the building on Sunday. The sign, with a bit of humor, describes the issue.

Salvation Army North Ave Store Damage Closed Sign
Ed Chandler

The closure is costing the Salvation Army needed revenue which is used to fund their programs in Grand Junction. People who normally donate items and shop at the North Avenue store are asked to take donations to and shop the Clifton store.

Doing this will help offset some of the loss from sales and donations while repairs are made to the North Avenue store.

There is no estimated day for reopening the North Avenue store other than it will be soon. That's good because it's almost payday and I have some shopping to do.

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