A group of Grand Junction Middle School students is raising money to help some teachers in Texas who suffered great loss in Hurricane Harvey.

Chris Prickett is an 8th grade U.S. History teacher at Redlands Middle School and sponsor of the school's student service organization called the Eagle Flight Crew.

Mr. Prickett and two student members of the Eagle Flight Crew, Kylie Williams and Lori Bird stopped by the studio to talk about the fundraiser.

A former teacher at the school, Mrs. Badalamenti, who lives in Galveston, Texas, recently brought to their attention the needs of four of her co-workers who lost pretty much everything in the hurricane.

  • Carolyn - a 5th and 6th grad bilingual teacher...lost the majority of her belongings including kitchen cabinets.
  • Georgia - a 6th grade English teacher...received three to four feet of water in her home.
  • Lonette- a 6th grade science teacher.....lost the entire first floor of her home in a part of the city that had never flooded in the 30 year history of the condo.
  • Alkiesha - special needs teacher.....lost all of her carpet, many items in her home, and has been displaced since the storm.

The goal of the Eagle Flight Crew is to raise $1000 for each of those four teachers in Texas, so they are calling the fundraiser "$4000-for- 4."

So far, the group has raised about $2000. To help them reach their goal of $4000, a number of local businesses have agreed to put jugs or buckets in their stores to receive public donations for the effort.

During the week of September 18-23, containers will be located in the following businesses.

  • Salon Trio
  • Fresh Salon
  • Old World Meat
  • Spring Hill Suites
  • Fairfield Suites
  • Hampton Inn
  • Pediatric Dental Specialists
  • Parkway Dental
  • WD Yards
  • Primary Care Family Physicians
  • Juniper Family Medicine

If you don't normally frequent these businesses, please make an effort to stop by during the week to make a donation.

The needs in Texas are great and somewhat overwhelming. But, it's efforts like this in communities across the country that can make the difference in the lives of some hurting people in Texas. These Redlands Middle School students are to be commended for their efforts to reach out and lend a helping hand during this time of crisis.

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