A Grand Junction man is featured on a dating TV show that recently premiered on discovery+ called Love Off the Grid. The show is all about couples living together in isolation "to see if they can make it together in the wild" according to discovery+.

27-year-old Spence lives on about 40 acres on the Grand Mesa "as far away from people as I possibly can." The Grand Junction man lives in the high desert area of his land and says he loves being surrounded by nature and doing whatever he wants.

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He purchased the land about three years ago and has built everything on his land himself.

"What I love about being up here on the mountain, beautiful sunsets, I'm out in nature - I can do whatever I want. This is where freedom happens where I can walk naked that way and no one will ever see me. It's perfect."

The Grand Junction man lives in a 16' by 24' giant square and has gathered a lot of the materials from old buildings that were being torn down. He says some of the challenges are food, water, and electricity. He says it's hard to entertain a date, but it's exactly what he's trying to do.

Spence is dating 32-year-old Lindsay from Virginia, the couple met on a dating website while she was driving through Grand Junction. They went on a hike and grabbed a beer and after a few weeks together, Lindsay moved in.

Lindsay left because of how difficult and challenging living in isolation is, which she says was heartwrenching to walk away from Spence. Although the couple broke up, a few later Lindsay decided to move back in to give their relationship another shot.

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Love Off the Grid premiered on January 30 on discovery +. You can watch the trailer for the dating TV show featuring Josh from Grand Junction below.

Watch the Love Off the Grid Trailer

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