A group of Grand Junction locals got together and cleaned up a vandalized Grand Mesa sign. The sign said 'Trump wins, Mesa burns' with an anarchy symbol.

A sign off of Highway 65 going toward the Grand Mesa was vandalized. The vandalized sign was spray painted and said 'Trump wins, Mesa burns' with an anarchy symbol next to it. Mesa County residents couldn't let this vandalism slide and this is what they did about it.

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According to KKCO, Matt Hickey said it wasn't about what the sign said, it was more about cleaning up something in the community that was defaced. He even had people, Susie Rickard, and her daughter Lisa and the Dan's Towing crew, come and help him clean up the sign.

On Matt's Facebook, he stated that the sign will probably be replaced because of how old it is 'but friends and strangers alike for our community came together to right a wrong.'

He said they got cheered on by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and people passing by. Matt shared a few pictures on his Facebook, including before and after pictures and a picture of the cleanup crew hard at work.

According to KKCO, Matt said it was super encouraging just knowing that other people want to help out. You can see the before and after of the Grand Mesa sign below. The phrase 'Trump wins, Mesa Burns' and the anarchy symbol are both gone as well as the spray painted symbols or signatures on the bottom.

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