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It won't be long until Girl Scout cookies will be available in Grand Junction.

While the pandemic has not canceled the sale of Girl Scout cookies in 2021, the Girl Scouts have gotten creative in coming up with safe ways to get these delicious morsels to their customers.

One method girls will be using in Grand Junction is virtual and drive-thru cookie booths. You can text COOKIES to 59618 or use the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to find booths in your area. Some girls may do porch drop-off deliveries for friends and family.

Some of the Girl Scouts are creating their own websites to take online orders. Online purchases can be sent directly to your home, donated to a non-profit, or sent to the military.

Something new this year in some locations is cookie delivery by Grubhub, which is waiving all fees for the organization to make this new delivery option feasible for sales without reducing proceeds.

All of your favorite cookies are back including the ever-popular Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils (my favorite), Dos-si-Dos, and Lemon Ups, all selling for $4 a box. S'mores and the gluten-free Toffee-tastics sell for $5 a box.

If you have never eaten Girl Scout cookies, you need to know they truly are delicious. Seems like everyone has a favorite kind, but the fact is, they are all great.

Yes, I realize you can buy cheaper cookies at the grocery store, but, the thing to keep in mind here is the donation you are making to the Girl Scouts is helping in the development of these girls as they grow into young women. Your purchase of cookies is making a difference in the lives of some of the 30,000 Girl Scouts all across Colorado.

Last year,  a troop from Highlands Ranch used money earned from the Girl Scout Cookie Program to make masks, sneeze guards, and lanyards for teachers and staff at their school. This helped them reach their goals and enabled them to make a difference in their community.

Be on the lookout for Girl Scout Cookies in Grand Junction beginning January 31. Even if you can't eat the cookies or simply prefer not to, I'm sure there are plenty of folks - be it an elderly shut-in, or someone in the military who would really enjoy a box of cookies. Buying a few boxes for somebody else is a great idea.

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