A couple in Grand Junction is facing is 55 charges for juvenile sex crimes that allegedly took place in their home.

A Grand Junction couple was recently in court for alleged sex crimes against their children. This all started when the couple's children realized that they were being recorded in the bathroom.

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Once the children realized this, they called the police. The kids tried to confront their mom, Sonia Adams, about it, she refused to give them her phone for about an hour. And when she did -- there was nothing left on the phone.

Whenever the police officer got to the Adams residence the stepdad, Robert Adams, quickly admitted to the allegations. Robert said that he and his wife viewed the videos and that his wife encouraged him according to Western Slope Now.

While the wife, Sonia, attempted to cover up the evidence, Robert helped recover the media for law enforcement. According to Western Slope Now, at least four children were recorded inside of the bathroom in the couple's house.

Unfortunately, this isn't all that happened to these poor kids. A detective found out from one of the daughters that her stepdad sexually abused them starting at the age of eight. What began as a bed-time story changed into inappropriate sexual conduct and it happened so much, it became a routine according to Western Slope Now.

The couple is due back in court at the end of January and early February.

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