There is another place in the great United States that carries the name Grand Junction, and it's in Tennessee. So let's have a look, shall we?

Grand Junction, Tenn. has a population of 307 people, as of 2015, of which the median age is 41.3 years. The average rent in Grand Junction is $556.00 and the average home cost is $97,742.00.

What do they do for fun in Grand Junction, Tenn.? They are big on bird dogs! There, you will find the National Bird Dog Museum as well as the Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame. Both dedicated to bird dogs.

This a part of the Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame and it gives those who love bird dogs a chance to take a walk with some of these amazing animals through displays, stories, and art showcasing these wonderful animals.

Home of the National Championship for Dogs, this place is steeped in history. People who have visited Grand Junction Tennessee love it because of its laid back atmosphere and love for dogs.

Now right there, we have something in common because everyone around here sure loves their dogs. Now isn't it nice to know that even though our two towns are separated by miles and miles we can still find something to agree upon?

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