I asked on social media, "What item does your household go through the quickest?" It comes as no surprise milk and paper towels made the list. What other items do we burn through quickly in Grand Junction, Colorado?

Check out the gallery below. You'll see some highly "localized" items on the list. Personally, I love the comment about .22 ammo.

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Grand Junction Colorado Goes Through Tons Of These Items

It was obvious from the get-go items such as milk would make the list. Much to my surprise, it appears milk consumption in the United States has been on the decline for decades. According to World Population Review, alternatives such as rice milk, almond milk, and protein bars are largely responsible for the decline.

In my case, my chiropractor warned if she ever caught me drinking milk, she'd rip my lips off.

Looking at the chart provided by World Population Review, the countries consuming the most milk are:

  • Finland - 430.76 kg/capita
  • Montenegro - 349.21 kg/capita
  • Netherlands - 341.47 kg/capita
  • Sweden - 341.23 kg/capita
  • Switzerland - 318.69 kg/capita
  • Albania - 303.72 kg/capita
  • Lithuania - 295.46 kg/capita
  • Ireland - 291.86 kg/capita
  • Kazakhstan - 288.12 kg/capita
  • Estonia - 284.65 kg/capita

Grand Junction Colorado's Great Paper Towel Phenomenon

It appears as though Grand Junction, Colorado is the center of some sort of black hole, or at the very least, a paper towel consuming vortex of some kind. Everyone is on double-red alert when it comes to paper towel consumption.

According to ecofamilylife, Americans use around 13 billion pounds of paper towels each year, roughly equivalent to 40 pounds or 80 rolls per person per year. I find this info to be highly debatable. From what I've observed, my household alone burns through about 13 billion pounds of paper towels per year, largely thanks to an 11-pound Pekingese with a bladder stuck in hyperdrive.

One of My Favorites

There's a comment below I absolutely love. This one involves .22 ammunition. When COVID kicked in, ammo suddenly became more precious than gold. The stuff is becomingly increasingly available, but not at the pre-COVID price.

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