This past weekend another video was shot of what quite possibly could have been a UFO.

An individual calling himself THEKINGSCOMING shot this video over the weekend. The quality isn't very good, but, according to sources, what you are seeing was reportedly a formation of C-17 cargo planes from South Carolina on training exercises at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. So, as much as we want to believe it was UFO's, maybe it wasn't.

But that made me wonder how many times have we had UFO sightings over Western Colorado or Eastern Utah. Apparently quite a few over the years.

Take a look. And if you have a video of the one from this weekend you want to share, have at it!

This video was shot in 2011.

And this, from September of 2011.

And one from Glade Park.

If you have any videos of UFO's you would like to share, let us see them!

Bonus Video:

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