We love hearing stories like this, a good samaritan found a wallet in a Grand Junction store and returned in with nothing missing.

A Grand Junction woman posted a thank you note on a local Facebook group, Grand Junction & Western Slope Classified Ads. They were thanking the honest person who found their mom's wallet and turned it in.

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A good samaritan in Grand Junction found this woman's wallet and turned it into the customer service at Goodwill yesterday. According to Nallely, the Grand Junction woman who posted on Facebook, the wallet had her ID, credit and debit cards, and cash inside of it.

Whenever Nallely's mom got her wallet back, not a single thing was missing from the wallet. This is so great to see people in our community step up to help each other. It's a terrible feeling when you lose an ID, debit card, or wallet because you never know what someone will do with it if they find it.

Nallely on the Grand Junction & Western Slope Classified Ads group stated that:

I'm happy to know I live in a community with good people like you, God bless you & yours.

There were a few comments on her post on Facebook some of which stated 'thank you to whoever returned her wallet!!' and 'stories like this are amazing!' and we agree. We absolutely love writing about things like this. Nallely stated that this incident made her heart happy and she'd never thought she'd be the one writing about something so amazingly positive like this.

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