Most people want to live as long as possible, so for most people this is good news. Chance are, you will live longer than you think you will.

According to the Washington Post,  in a recent study, 75% of people over the age of 50 who thought there was a 50/50 chance of living to age 75 actually did. Of the people who were positive they would make it to 75, more than 78% made it. And, for the negative thinkers, those who though it unlikely they would make it to age 75, nearly 50% ended up making it.

Not only does it look like we have a good chance of living longer than we anticipate, it looks like there may be a correlation between our mind set and our longevity. You will notice in the study, that those were least optimistic about their chances of making it to 75 were much less likely to make it than those who thought they would.

Call it coincidence, or call it the power of positive thinking, but it sure looks like having a positive attitude goes a long ways toward living a longer life.

I would like to live a long life, if I can do so with good health, mobility, and independence. Otherwise, warm up the hearse. I agree with Ron, a  listener who pointed out he would rather live fewer years with a high quality of life, than to live a longer life in poor health.

Given my families health history, I do expect to live past 75.
I hope I'm part of the 75% of people who do.