The Grand Junction Police Department has said it's final goodbye to Police K9 Kazan.

Saying the last goodbye to a co-worker and friend is never easy even if that co-worker is a dog.

Kazan, a German Shepherd, retired from police work in 2011 after working with officer Brian Frasier since 2006 .Kazan was trained in apprehension work, tracking, handler protection, evidence searches, and narcotics.

Since his retirement, Kazan has enjoyed civilian life with officer Frasier and his family. Now his work on earth is done after 12 years.

It has been a sad time for the GJPD to lose their K9 comrade, and especially for Officer Frasier and his family. Kazan has been a part of their family for a number of years  and I can appreciate how difficult it must be to deal with this loss. Our condolences to Kazan's family, friends, and co-workers.