After having some time to mourn and reflect on the tragic student suicide this week, the Grand Junction High School Tigers Football team took a courageous step forward and decided to play Niwot Saturday (November 5) after initially cancelling the game.

The team made the decision Thursday night and sent everyone scrambling to reschedule team travel arrangements, last minute practice, and the game with the kind of pride that is part of the 'Tiger Tradition.'

Being aware of the situation, the students at Niwot showed their compassion by sending GJHS a large note of encouragement and solidarity.

It didn't stop there. Before play began, the Niwot Cougars continued their show of compassion and goodwill by giving the Tigers a standing ovation and a moment of silence for the team and the school.

At the end of four quarters, the Grand Junction Tigers had defeated the Niwot Cougars 44-21. A win that is also a bittersweet end to the regular season.

Football is just a game and the opponents should only be foes during play. Win or lose, it is what happens before and after the game that determines the real character of those who wear the jerseys.

The character of the young men from these two teams and the schools they represent are found in these words and photo,



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