We all feel bad for the class of 2020, it's just not fair that their Senior year of high school has been cut short due to a pandemic they had no control over. It's unfortunate for the parents, and grandparents that have been looking forward to seeing their senior walk across that stage so they can be acknowledged for the work they put in.

It was fantastic last week to see the administration at District 51 work so hard to put together tentative graduation ceremony dates but this type of ceremony cannot take place until July. With people having already made plans, it will be tough for the whole graduating class to be in attendance.

It's not the end of an academic career that anyone would want, but so often in life, things are completely out of our control, we just have to react to the circumstances we are put in. That's why I loved to see the inspirational video that was made by Lizzette Gonzales for the class of 2020 at Grand Junction High School.

The first time I watched this video it gave me goosebumps, I wish so bad that this senior class was able to celebrate just like all the other classes with a normal graduation ceremony. But dealing with adversity like this will make these young adults more prepared for life in the real world. It can be unforgiving, but if you work hard you can accomplish anything you want to.

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