Being a dog dad is a job that I don't take lightly, my dogs Koda and Gypsy are everything. So even the thought of having them run away would be horrible, unfortunately, that is what one dog mom out of Fruita is dealing with this morning.

I saw a post on Facebook about the sweet dog pictured above, Juniper, who has run away. She was last seen around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 27th around Salt Water Park in Fruita. As can be expected the family set up a search party of approximately 8 people to search for Juniper with no luck, yet.

One thing that will definitely help identify Juniper is that she was towing a 10-foot rope attached to her harness. Juniper is a medium-sized dog that is black in color with a white chest and paws.

Juniper's family has reached out to Fruita Police and Mesa County Animal Control but no one has seen her. While scouring the Fruita area the family was talking to every person they saw shoveling snow and or walking for some exercise to help spread the word. There are now flyers hung around Fruita as well.

They are pleading with people to share this information in hopes of getting Juniper back hope quickly and safely. The weather isn't helping, and just making Juniper's family worry even more for her safety.

If you spot Juniper you're being asked to call Jess at 970-589-9657. She has tags with phone numbers on her collar. Fingers crossed Juniper is back home soon.

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