There is one thing for sure when it comes to picking NFL games --and that is that nothing is for sure. Having said that, I'm giving you four sure-fire, can't miss picks for week number 2.

There are plenty of games this weekend that could go either way like Dallas/Tennessee, Atlanta/Cincinnati, Carolina/Detroit, and Jacksonville/Washington. And then there are games that you could bet the house, your RV, the dog, AND your wife --and you should be pretty safe. Last week I was 9-7 on picks. Here's the surest four picks of the weekend.

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 The Packers pretty much got thumped by Seattle in week one, but the fact is, it didn't matter who the Seahawks opened with, that team was going to get thumped. While the game certainly raised some legitimate questions about the Packers defense, this team is built not only to win the NFC North, but to contend for the conference championship.

The Jets THINK they are a good football team, and yes, they did beat the Raiders last week. But, the fact is, who ever played the Raiders last week was going to win. This week they come crashing back to earth, and there is no way they go into Green Bay and upset the Packers. Green Bay 34 - N.Y. Jets 17

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For one half last week, the Broncos looked like a Super Bowl team against the Colts with a dominating performance on both side of the ball. In the second half they look a lot like the team that got racked up by the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Indianapolis is a solid team, and the fact is, despite the way the fourth quarter went last week, the Broncos really handled the Colts.

Kansas City is coming off a disappointing loss to the Titans, and the fact is, they look horrible doing it.The Chief, I think, are better than they looked, but coming in to Denver is not the anecdote they are looking for. I think the Chiefs will play better, but there is no way the Broncos are going to bow to the Chiefs this weekend at Sports Authority Field. Denver 31- Kansas City 14

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The Bears got dumped by the Bills last week --and who in their right mind saw THAT coming? It's difficult to believe Buffalo has a better team than Chicago, but scoreboards don't lie. Still, it feels like the Bears should have won.

San Francisco looked as good as we expected them to be this year, as they thumped the Cowboys. The 49ers have been within a whisker of the Super Bowl the last couple of years and they are out to prove they belong. They are a good team, to be sure, but,  I'm not yet convinced they are one of the top three teams in the NFC. However, they are certainly good enough to beat the Bears at home. San Francisco 28 - Chicago 21

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The Vikings surprised everyone by not only  beating St. Louis last week, but by completely thrashing the Bradford-less Rams. And there you have it. Yes, it was 34-6, but it was against a 2nd and 3rd string quarterback. The Vikes aren't a bad team, but they aren't nearly as good as last week's outcome would lead outsiders to believe.

If I had done sure-fire picks a week ago, the Patriots beating the Dolphins  would have been one of them. Good thing I didn't, because the Patriots stayed in the locker room at half time and were soundly beaten by Miami. It's just not going to happen for a second week in a row. Sure, they are on the road, but with the Vikes playing outdoors in their temporary stadium, it's not even going  to feel like home. Patriots 27 - Vikings 17.