Couples are going to argue and have conflict from time to time. It's inevitable. But, a new survey indicates couples are most likely to argue when they are in the car - and here's why.

According to Female First, there are four situations that present the greatest likelihood of an argument.

1)Before or After Shopping: Of course, guys hate shopping so they're probably in a bad mood anyway, but there can be disagreements about what is going to be purchased. There's also huge potential for conflict over the amount of money that was just spent, and on the particular items that were just purchased.

2) Date Night: According to the survey, this becomes an issue when one person has to be the designated driver. Other potential reasons for conflict include the idea that one or the other was suspected or perceived to be flirting with a member of the opposite sex. Sometimes conflict arises because neither one wants to make the decision about where they are going to eat, or what they are going to do.

3) On the Way to Visit Family: It's possible that the 'in-law' isn't all that thrilled with the prospect of spending the weekend with obnoxious relatives. Consequently, he - or she- might already be on-edge and irritable.

4) After Eating At a Restaurant: There could be conflict over the cost of the meal, but it also could be because she thought he was flirting with the restaurant. Maybe he didn't leave a big enough tip - or maybe he was too generous.

Conflict in the car is not fun. Neither one can leave, and depending on where the argument begins, it could make for a long four hour drive to Grandma's house. Hopefully, both parties can forgive, forget, and move on so that the entire ride is not a miserable experience.

I suppose now that we know that the car is one of the most likely places for couples to argue, maybe we should just take separate vehicles.